Top 5 Disneyland Paris rides

From my previous post, you will already know that I’ve recently come back from Disneyland Paris and my post-Disney sadness was too much to bear.. so Jess and I booked to return in March! I’m already planning what rides I’m excited to go on. I thought it was time give a list of my favourite rides and why I love them so much!


In fifth place is Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast, I’m a such a competitive person so this is the right place for me! Not only does the ride have a competitive edge, it’s also amazing to look at, the design of the queue captures the Toy Story essence and keeps your attention all the way through! The ride itself is also really well laid out, the bright colours and wacky aliens capture your attention (when you’re not focusing on which targets give the most points!) and it’s always exciting when the characters we’re familiar with pop up! It’s such a fun ride for all ages and it’s a different experience that is a little more interactive than most rides!


Space Mountain was a gem when we went in September, it was always 5 minute wait time throughout our holiday, so perfect for in between fast passes for a quick thrill! Space Mountain will always make me laugh from the very first time I visited Disneyland in 2006, it was one of my first roller coasters and my glasses flew off mid-ride! Luckily I managed to catch them otherwise it would have been a very blurry trip! The ride itself is a fast rollercoaster (so if you’re not keen on those I’d give this a miss!). There’s so much to look at as you’re whizzing through, from the start the ride captures your attention by holding slightly on the incline then shooting you off on your space mission! It’s an oldie but a goodie!


My third favourite is Rock’n’Roller coaster starring Aerosmith, I absolutely loved the queue line for this ride, you feel like you’re walking through a museum of music with posters of shows long since gone and a display of music memorabilia, then when you go into the ‘studio’, you watch as Aerosmith talk about their ride before being allowed to enter the next step of the queue. As you wait, you pass the control booth, which they did an excellent job of making it fit in with the theme of the ride! Rock’n’Roller Coaster is a fast paced and energetic ride and you listen to Aerosmith on the way round… What could be better?!


Crush’s Coaster is a ride (sadly) without a fast pass and it’s such a brilliant ride that it always has one of the longest queue times. It’s definitely worth queuing for though! We waited a shocking 70 minutes, but you soon see why it’s so popular. Disney, knowing the queue time is horrific, have included an online game that you can play on their location specific WiFi while you queue, which is a lovely little touch and keeps kids (and bored adults!) occupied. Crush’s Coaster puts you in the story, you’re sat in a shell and you’re spinning through the Great Barrier Reef then onto the East Australian Current, if you like Finding Nemo then you’ll LOVE Crush’s Coaster.


My absolute favourite is The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror! Some of the cast members who work on this ride really make your experience memorable, we had a man who didn’t take the creepy approach to the role, but was very funny with his sarcasm and took his time to interact with the ‘passengers’ to make our time more memorable, with his changing accent and his humour it was definitely memorable! Again the design of the ride is amazing, the hotel looks abandoned and you’re thrown back to the 1930’s. When you step onto the ride and sit in your assigned seat, you are told the story and it’s a little eerie, which is soon forgotten about when doors open to show the Disney Studios park and the ride drops! It’s exciting and keeps you on your toes, it’s great for thrill seekers who want something different from the usual roller coaster!


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