Our Trip to Disneyland Paris – March 2017!


On Friday we came home from our long awaited trip to Disneyland Paris and we’re missing it so much already! (So much we’re already booking our next visit). This trip was pretty special to us, after 21 years of friendship we’d never gone away together and had always loved the idea of going to Disneyland, so we finally did it! We stayed in Disneyland for 4 days and got pretty much everything done that we wanted to do. The park was pretty busy, which we weren’t expecting but the queues were hardly ever over 30 minutes (apart from Crush Coaster), and we made great use of the fastpass machines.

Day One – Travelling Day and Exploring the Parks:

We flew from Manchester at 8:30 in the morning and arrived at Charles de Gaulle just before 10am! After a stressful few minutes trying to find the Magical Express stop, we threw our luggage onto the coach and headed off to Disneyland. We were staying at the Sequoia Lodge hotel which is right on the lake and about 3 minutes from the Disney Village Which we loved! Check in was really easy and quick, and the lovely cast member even gave us Birthday badges as she said both of our birthdays were close enough to celebrate them in the parks! The badges were a really lovely touch, and any cast member that saw them wished us a Happy Birthday and made that little bit of extra effort with us, which was lovely! A cast member in Lillys Boutique even ran from behind the desk and gave us both a hug!

Our room was a standard room with two double beds which were SO comfy, they made getting up early for extra magic hours that little bit harder. The whole hotel was Bambi and Chip and Dale themed which I loved and I’d highly reccomend staying there, it’s an amazing hotel which has gorgeous surroundings.

We then walked to the Parks armed and ready with our Minnie ears! Ash loves the Tower of Terror ride in the Studio park, so we headed there first. As soon as we walked through the Studios entrance I turned into my 6 year old self again. Donald Duck was just plodding around (anyone who knows me knows how much I love Donald) and I got super excited! We walked through and straight to Tower of Terror. I’d never done this ride, and I’m a massive wimp when it comes to getting scared so I was SO paranoid about one of the cast members making me jump, ha. After going on it once, we couldn’t keep off it! I think we went on Tower of Terror at least twice a day, and most of the time the queue was only 10 minutes long so we’d get straight off and go back round to line up again. It’s definitley my favourite ride now and I love the whole story behind it!

By this point, it was around 4pm and we still hadn’t seen the castle! We walked over to the Disneyland Park, and as soon as we saw the castle Ash had her moment and almost started sobbing. (Sorry Ash!) – It was so surreal being there after we’d been looking forward to it for so long.

Day Two – A Day in the Parks & My First Time Seeing Disney Dreams:

After being exhausted from the Parks on our first day, we over-slept and missed our breakfast reservation in the park. Instead we decided to grab a quick snack and head in for extra magic hours as soon as they started. However, I think on this day we were pretty dissapointed with extra magic hours as the character queues were already over an hour and a half long, and you couldn’t line for any rides! – We just strolled through the different lands and ended up hopping over to the other park and straight onto Tower of Terror again and Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster. Whilst we were still there during the Season of the Force, the Stormtrooper patrol was still going on along with all of the other Star Wars shows. It was so amazing and I got a little giddy seeing Stormtroopers just walking around with Captain Phasma.

Later that evening, around 7:30 we waited infront of the castle to get a spot for Disney Dreams. I was so excited! Although Dreams has finished now, I’d definitley say waiting an hour before the show was completely worth it as we got right at the front! We sat prepared with our popcorn, crepes and hot chocolates for it to begin. As soon as second star to the right started playing, I was gone! Disney Dreams is 100% the most magical, amazing thing I have ever seen! and although I’ve only seen it once, I think seeing it once has made it all the more magical and special to me.

Day Three: Cafe Mickey and Meeting Characters:

Before booking the trip we knew we wanted to book a reservation at Cafe Mickey as a good way to get in some character meets. We arrived at the cafe just before our reservation, and after waiting 20 minutes or so, we were seated and waited for some characters to come round. This may spoil the magic for some people, but if I’m being honest, we were quite dissapointed at first as we met only one charater after being there for an hour and half and we would often get characters making it to the table before us, to then have them taken away to change and they’d come back and wouldn’t realise that they hadn’t been to our table. I remember we waited for Mickey to come back to our table, and he just walked straight past us. The heartbreak! I think a woman on the table opposite us complained to cast member about this, as it was her little boys birthday and he hadn’t met any characters! Then suddenly, all of the characters were arriving all at once straight after eachother. Me and Ash completely started to loose it (no shame) and I think we even dived on Pluto at the same time. We were just too excited. In the end we managed to meet Chip, Daisy, Pluto, Eeyore and Mickey. Although we did have a bit of a dissapointing start at Cafe Mickey, they definitley redeemed it back! I’d definitley book a character breakfast there again.

After leaving the breakfast, we were on such a high (like two little kids) and wanted to see if we could get any more characters in as there was a few minutes left of extra magic hours. We headed into the Disneyland Park and the line for Donald was so short! (I’d wanted a picture with Donald since I was about six years old, so I was verrrry excited) and it was honestly the best interaction I could of asked for! Childhood dream complete haha. We also lined for Meet Mickey Mouse, which was about an hour long but so worth it! They play old Disney cartoons whilst you wait to go in the room, which made it a lot more bearable!

Before we even headed to Disneyland, we were both really gutted that we missed the opening of the new Star Tours by just a few days. Ash spent hours trying to find out about any soft openings and we were told there weren’t any scheduled at all. After we’d met the characters, we headed back to our hotel to freshen up and relax for a bit, and someone tweeted saying that it was open for testing! I don’t think we’ve ever moved so fast in our lives! We pretty much ran to Discoveryland from Sequoia Lodge and got straight onto the ride! Ash was so excited she was taking pictures of everything! And no spoilers here but, the updated version is AMAZING! I can’t believe we actually got on the testing and I’m so happy that we were one of the first lots of people to ever experience it! – If you’re heading to Disney anytime soon, go on it!

As we’d watched Dreams the night before, we headed to the Studios park for the Star Wars show at around 8:15. Again, we got an amazing spot right infront of Tower of Terror which looked incredible all lit up! – The show was AMAZING, and I think we both got a bit emotional (again!). It definitley put me on a high and I had to force Ash not to let me buy a Lightsaber.

Day Four: Shopping in Paris and Our Last Evening in the Parks

Day four we headed to the train station and took the RER train into central Paris. For anyone wondering, you take the RER Line A straight to Charles de Gaulle – Étoile and you come out right infront of the Arc De Triomphe, with the Champs-Élysées right behind you. We headed straight into Sephora, where we both did some serious damage to our bank balances. I was super happy to see that they had the whole Kat Von D range, and picked up a Lock it Creme Concealer and the Lock it Setting Powder. Both of which I can’t reccomend enough! I also picked up my usual YSL Top Secrets Moisture Glow Base, which I now cannot live without along with the Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray. We then popped into the Disney Store, where Ash found all of the gifts she’d been looking for! I’d really suggest looking in the Disney Store on the Champs-Élysées if you can’t find certain merch in the parks, as Ash found everything she wanted in there! After a quick stroll to see the Eiffel Tower, we hopped back on the RER and back into the Disney Village, where we had our first Five Guys. I ordered a Bacon Cheeseburger, which was the best burger I’ve ever had in my life! The staff in there were so friendly and the meal was so cheap for what we got, I think I paid around €13 for a burger, a LOT of fries and a large drink. We’ll definitley be heading back there, I dream of that meal all the time! We didn’t end up watching any of the evening shows on our final night, instead we went on Tower of Terror another three times (bad mistake straight after a huge Five Guys meal!) and we got on Big Thunder Mountain twice, the wait times were only five minutes so we took good advantage of that!

We were a bit silly that evening and didn’t think to reserve a table somewhere for dinner, so we had a hectic rush trying to find somewhere nice to eat. In the end we headed back to our hotel and hoped that they could fit us in! We had a lovely cast member who managed to find us a table, however I really wouldn’t want to eat there again. It was a bit pricey at €43 each, not including drinks, and there wasnt much of a selection! I think next time we’ll book all of our reservations well in advance!

Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 14.02.11

Day Five: Last Visits to the Parks and Travelling Home

Packing to come home was an absolute nightmare for us! We’re both big worriers, so as soon as one of us thinks we’ve gone over the luggage allowance, so does the other, and it was just one huge panic hahaha. I ended up cramming all of my teddies and gifts into a huge bag for my hand luggage! (Turns out later, I’d actually lost weight on my suitcase by 2 kilos! All of that worrying for nothing!) If any of you are wondering, there are no scales to weigh your cases in the Sequoia Lodge hotel. After we checked out, we headed straight back to the studios park and got a fastpass for Tower of Terror. I think we were on that ride more than anything whilst we were there! We only had until around 2:30pm in the parks before we had to head back to the magical express stop, so we did one last stroll through the Disneyland Park, did a huge final shop on main street, and said goodbye to the castle, which is always the worst!

We had such an amazing time on this trip, and we cannot wait to head back! We hope all of you heading there for the 25th Anniversary celebrations have the best and most magical time!

If you have any questions about our trip, leave us a comment below!



disneyIt’s finally December and I don’t know about you, but I always turn to gift guides to help me buy quirky presents for people who are either a little more difficult to buy for or buy a lot for themselves! So for all you Disney lovers buying for your fellow Disney loving friends, here’s a little help from things I’ve found when searching high and low through the internet!

So, me and Jess are heading back to Disneyland Paris in March and we had the brilliant idea of buying each other special ears for our trip as part of our Christmas presents! After a little search on Etsy, we found the most perfect ears for each other.
Jess bought my ears from EarsByErin on Etsy, she does the most lovely floral ears which are just my style! Mine don’t look quite like the image but I’ll be sure to post plenty of pictures on our Instagram when we’re in Disney though to show you what they’re like!
Jess’s ears are from MadeForMouse , she absolutely loves the classic characters and Donald Duck is one of her favourites, so I thought the Sweethearts ears would be perfect for her!
If you are heading to Disney anytime soon, I would definitely head to these two shops… Both very different styles but absolutely adorable and sure to get plenty of attention in the parks!

I love adding a little subtle touch of Disney to my outfit plans for when I go to Disneyland, so after doing a little search through Instagram, I found Disney In Particular, this shop sells the cutest little Mickey and Minnie backpacks, Disney skirts and phone cases, perfect for anyone who likes to add a subtle touch into whatever they’re wearing!

Rachel’s Wonders has a huge range of products in her shop, my personal favourites are these gorgeous plates, I’ll definitely be picking a few of these up for myself after Christmas! Definitely one for any classy lady in your life who loves their princesses. I would definitely use these as decorations or as a jewellery dish! The homeware range is between £10-15 which for such a unique piece I think is a really great price! Definitely take a look at the website and have a nosey through the rest of her products.


My last choice is Typo.com, they’ve just brought out the cutest Mickey Mouse collection and I’ve already treated myself, Jess and whoever wins our upcoming giveaway to the now sold out Mickey Mouse sleep mask and I absolutely adore it! (Make sure you keep your eyes open for when we release info about our giveaway too!) Typo have the most lovely little gifts at a range of different prices so I’d definitely check out their collection and grab it while you can!


There’s so many places that offer loads of Disney gifts too, like Debenhams, Clintons, Primark and Topshop to name a few, but these are some of my favourites from this year and I’ve had to restrain myself from spending all my wages on gifts for myself!
Do you love any of these gifts or are there any places you’d recommend? I’d love to hear your thoughts, chat to us about your disney gifts on our Twitter – UntilMorningx or Instagram StraightUntilMorning.


Our Disneyland Bucket List – March 2017


So as most of you know, we’re heading to Disneyland Paris in late March and we cannot wait! We’ve been to Disneyland Paris before with other people but never each other, so this is going to be a very special trip! (We’ve been friends for 20 years and this is our first big trip together!) I don’t think we’re making a strict plan to stick to whilst we’re there, but we definitely have a long list of things we’d like to do during our trip.

  • Go on as Many Rides as Possible!
    I’m not sure about Ash, but every time me and my boyfriend have been to Disneyland I’ve hardly got to go on any rides! He hates them! I managed to persuade him to go on RC Racer and Pirates of the Caribbean but that was it. So this time, we’re definitely aiming to get on as many rides possible in the five days we’re there. Especially Big Thunder Mountain and Tower of Terror!
  • Have a Caseys Hotdog.
    This is probably going to shock a lot of you, but I’ve never been to Caseys! The Cheddar Hotdog looks so good so I’m definitely going to be trying one in March!
  • Have Breakfast at Cafe Mickey.
    We’re definitely going to be having breakfast at cafe Mickey, we can’t wait to meet characters and I’m especially excited for Mickey, Chip and Dale and Donald. (I’ve never seen any footage of Donald in there, but I can be hopeful!)
  • Have a Meal at Auberge De Cendrillon.
    About five years ago when we originally started looking to book Disney, our first goal was to have a meal at the Auberge and meet the Princesses. Five years later, our trip is finally booked and we’re 100% having a princess meal!
  • Have a Photo Taken Infront of the Castle – Day and Night.
    From all of the blogs we love, we always see lovely photos of them in front of the castle. I’m yet to have a photo taken in front of the castle, so that’s definitely one of the main things I’d like to do.
  • Meet All of the Classic Characters.
    This is definitely top of my list! All of the times I’ve been to Disneyland and I’m yet to still have a character interaction (Terrible, I know!) – I think we’re definitely looking to meet all of the classic characters and I’m especially excited for Donald!

That’s our bucket list (for now!) If you’re reading this and think we’ve missed any must do’s out, then please let us know by commenting below or tweeting us @UntilMorningx



disney-tagWe can’t call ourselves Disney bloggers without doing the Disney tag! So we’ve taken it upon ourselves to come up with our own answers!

1. What’s your favourite Disney Film?

A: It’s got to be The Little Mermaid and Finding Nemo… It’s too hard to choose one!
J: Definitely has to be either Tangled or Finding Dory.

2. Which Disney movie’s scene would you have loved to live?

 A: I would absolutely love to live the lanterns ‘I see the light’ scene from Tangled, it’s so magical!
J: The same scene! I love this part of Tangled and I cannot wait to see it during Disney Dreams in March!

3. If you were a Prince who would you be?

A: I’d like to think I’d be Flynn Rider/Eugene Fitzherbert… He’s so sarcastic and sassy, I love it.
J: It’s seriously starting to look like I’m copying all of Ash’s answers (I promise I’m not!) But I’d love to be Flynn… I love the sass.

4. If you were a Princess who would you be?

A: I’d love to be a mixture of Belle, Ariel and Rapunzel.
J: Rapunzel. I love her.

5. Who do you look like the Most?
A: I’m not sure I look like any!!
J: Me and Gerald from Finding Dory are probably long lost twins!
6. If you could choose a Disney Character to be your friend, who would it be?

A: Stitch… He’s one of my all time favourite characters and he’s such a good friend to Lilo.
J: I can’t choose between my three all time favourite characters! So either Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse or Flynn Rider.

7. A Disney scene that makes you cry every time?
A: Baby Mine from Dumbo… I can’t even think about it without getting all teary eyed!
J: The beginning of Up. Every. Single. Time.

8. Which Disney film have you seen the most?
A: I went through a stage of constantly watching The Lion King to keep my spirits high through my first year of uni… So probably that!
J: Tangled! I love it so much and can watch it again and again and love it just as much as the first time I saw it!
9.  What’s your favourite Disney Song?
A: I have a few! A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes, Out There, You’ll Be in My Heart, I See the Light and Make a Man Out of You!

J: The Second Star to the Right is definitely my all time favourite.

Why don’t you answer the questions and let us know in the comments!

Top 5 Disneyland Paris rides

From my previous post, you will already know that I’ve recently come back from Disneyland Paris and my post-Disney sadness was too much to bear.. so Jess and I booked to return in March! I’m already planning what rides I’m excited to go on. I thought it was time give a list of my favourite rides and why I love them so much!


In fifth place is Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast, I’m a such a competitive person so this is the right place for me! Not only does the ride have a competitive edge, it’s also amazing to look at, the design of the queue captures the Toy Story essence and keeps your attention all the way through! The ride itself is also really well laid out, the bright colours and wacky aliens capture your attention (when you’re not focusing on which targets give the most points!) and it’s always exciting when the characters we’re familiar with pop up! It’s such a fun ride for all ages and it’s a different experience that is a little more interactive than most rides!


Space Mountain was a gem when we went in September, it was always 5 minute wait time throughout our holiday, so perfect for in between fast passes for a quick thrill! Space Mountain will always make me laugh from the very first time I visited Disneyland in 2006, it was one of my first roller coasters and my glasses flew off mid-ride! Luckily I managed to catch them otherwise it would have been a very blurry trip! The ride itself is a fast rollercoaster (so if you’re not keen on those I’d give this a miss!). There’s so much to look at as you’re whizzing through, from the start the ride captures your attention by holding slightly on the incline then shooting you off on your space mission! It’s an oldie but a goodie!


My third favourite is Rock’n’Roller coaster starring Aerosmith, I absolutely loved the queue line for this ride, you feel like you’re walking through a museum of music with posters of shows long since gone and a display of music memorabilia, then when you go into the ‘studio’, you watch as Aerosmith talk about their ride before being allowed to enter the next step of the queue. As you wait, you pass the control booth, which they did an excellent job of making it fit in with the theme of the ride! Rock’n’Roller Coaster is a fast paced and energetic ride and you listen to Aerosmith on the way round… What could be better?!


Crush’s Coaster is a ride (sadly) without a fast pass and it’s such a brilliant ride that it always has one of the longest queue times. It’s definitely worth queuing for though! We waited a shocking 70 minutes, but you soon see why it’s so popular. Disney, knowing the queue time is horrific, have included an online game that you can play on their location specific WiFi while you queue, which is a lovely little touch and keeps kids (and bored adults!) occupied. Crush’s Coaster puts you in the story, you’re sat in a shell and you’re spinning through the Great Barrier Reef then onto the East Australian Current, if you like Finding Nemo then you’ll LOVE Crush’s Coaster.


My absolute favourite is The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror! Some of the cast members who work on this ride really make your experience memorable, we had a man who didn’t take the creepy approach to the role, but was very funny with his sarcasm and took his time to interact with the ‘passengers’ to make our time more memorable, with his changing accent and his humour it was definitely memorable! Again the design of the ride is amazing, the hotel looks abandoned and you’re thrown back to the 1930’s. When you step onto the ride and sit in your assigned seat, you are told the story and it’s a little eerie, which is soon forgotten about when doors open to show the Disney Studios park and the ride drops! It’s exciting and keeps you on your toes, it’s great for thrill seekers who want something different from the usual roller coaster!


Disney Primark Guide Autumn/Winter 2016

Lately I’ve been loving the amount of Disney clothing, pyjamas, shoes AND homeware Primark have been coming out with! There’s been that much I’ve found it hard to keep track of exactly what there is, so I’ve put together a guide of everything Disney I could find on Primark’s website (very sad you can’t order them online though!)

I’m pretty sure there are other items that you can find in store which aren’t listed on the website. I’ve found a lot of cute Mickey jewelry and cosmetic/shoulder bags, but it seems to vary depending on which store you go to.


  1. Disney Princess Boxed Pyjama Set – £13
    The first thing I found when looking on the Primark website was this cute boxed pyjama set. I think this could make a really lovely gift for Christmas (or just as a treat for yourself), and at £13 for a set of socks and matching pyjamas, I think it’s great value for money!

2. Minnie Mouse Slippers – £8
These are without a doubt the cutest slippers I’ve ever seen and I’m definitely getting a pair for myself next time I take a trip into town! Again, I think these are perfect for winter and could make a really cute Christmas gift for someone!

3. Minnie Mouse Sequin Vest – £4.50

4. Navy Glitter Minnie Mouse Pumps – £8
I’m yet to find these in store, but I cannot wait to purchase a pair for our trip to Disneyland Paris in March! They look so comfortable and will give a perfect subtle hint of Disney to any outfit. Plus at £8, you can’t really go wrong!

5. Bambi Pyjama Jumper – £10
As much as I’m loving the boxed pyjama sets Primark are coming out with, I think these Bambi pyjamas look amazing! They have matching leggings which are available too (I’m not sure on price, sorry!) but they look so warm and perfect for the winter.

6. Minnie Mouse Slipper Socks – £2.50


7. Alice in Wonderland Bodysuit – £6

8. Knitted Mickey Mouse Slipper Socks – £4
I love these so much! Not just because Mickey is my favourite Disney character, but they’re so comfy and cute!

9. Minnie Mouse Robe – £16
The best robe/dressing gown I have ever seen! I’m definitely on the hunt for this too. I love her little bow detail on the hood, plus it looks so warm and I think it’s great quality and value for money at £16.

10. Alice in Wonderland ‘Lost in Wonderland’ Pyjama Top – £5

11. Minnie Mouse Slipper Socks – £4

12. Minnie Mouse Onesie – £10


13. Mickey Mouse Baseball Top – £8

14. Tinkerbell Slippers – £5
I’ve hardly seen any Tinkerbell things in Primark, so I’m definitely on the hunt for these!

15. Frozen Olaf Pyjama Set – £11
Again, I haven’t seen many Frozen items in Primark, so I think these are a must for any Frozen & Olaf lovers!

16. Mickey Sequin Top – £8


17. Longsleeve Alice in Wonderland T-shirt – £7

18. Minnie Mouse Tupperware Set – £3
I think the design of this set is so cute and is a perfect way to add Disney to cheer you up during a dull day at school/uni/work! Two containers for £3 is great value too!

19. Floral Minnie Mouse Pyjama Set – £11

20. Minnie Sequin Top – £8
I’ve seen videos of this online where you can have two different Minnie designs by brushing the sequins either up or down! One way makes a silver Minnie silhouette and the other shows her face. With the two different variations I think it could look like two different t-shirts, so I’m on the hunt for this to take it to Disneyland with me too.

21. Cinderella Hanging Ornament – £2
I’ve seen loads of variations of these, I think they do a Maleficent one in store but I couldn’t find it online. I think little ornaments like these are a great way to subtly incorporate Disney into any room!


22. Minnie Mouse Union Jack Travel Cup – £3.50

23. Finding Dory Tumbler – £1

24. Minnie Mouse Tumbler – £1
I’ve seen other variations of this design on different types of cups in Primark. I think they range from this £1 one, to a £3 waterbottle.

25. Minnie Mouse Union Jack Tea Towels – £4
I’ve seen a lot of people raving about these tea towels and rightly so, I think they’re adorable and love the little pom pom detail!

As I said earlier, I’ve seen more items in store than what is shown online so I’d definitley suggest hunting them out when you’re next in Primark. I love all of the Disney products they have at the minute and I hope/can’t wait until they get more!