Closet confidential tag!


1. What is the oldest item in your wardrobe/closet?
The oldest item in my closet is probably my Fred Perry Hopman trainers! I bought them in 2013 and they’re still the comfiest shoes I’ve ever worn!

2. What is the newest item?
My Kurt Geiger bag, treated myself to a little Christmas splurge 🙊

3. What is the most expensive item?
My most expensive item is a tie between my Michael Kors coat that is incredibly warm and is well worth the splurge in winter and my navy lace Karen Millen dress that I bought for a wedding last year.

4. What is the most affordable/cheapest item (that you use a lot)?
Primark turtlenecks! Only £6 and I wear them almost every day for work!

5. What was the biggest bargain?
The skirt I bought for graduation! I struggled to find the perfect outfit that would look great but also be appropriate for my graduation so I took a look in New Look and saw a skirt that was £20 on the website but I wanted to try it on before I committed, turns out it was in the sale for £2! I was amazed and ended up with a lovely outfit that cost under £50! 

6. What was the biggest waste of money?
In all honesty, probably the Karen Millen dress! As beautiful as it is, I’ve only worn it once and it’s definitely not worth the price I paid… However, I may change my mind if I find more reasons to wear it!!

7. What are your 3 favourite items right now?
My Kurt Geiger bag, a lovely pinky beige coat I got from new look in the sale and my mulberry purse

8. What is the most outrageous/colourful item in your closet (that you absolutely love)?
I have this bright yellow dress and I mean BRIGHT yellow and I absolutely adore it but I never have the guts to wear it unless I’m on holiday with a tan! 

9. What is your favourite piece that you’ve gotten as a gift?
Definitely my blush pink Mulberry purse from my lovely boyfriend this Christmas, I’m completely in love and it’s my first ever item from Mulberry. 

10. What is the most comfortable item?
Probably the Primark turtlenecks. Can’t go wrong!

11. What is the most uncomfortable item (but you would take the pain because you love it)?
My distinguishing rose Ted Baker heels, I bought them for graduation and I just love them. (Even if I didn’t last the day in them 🙈  )

12. Where do you shop the most at?
Probably ASOS, it has pretty much everything there and I don’t get much chance to go shopping so it’s the first place I head to when I want new clothes! 

I tag anyone reading this! I’m so nosey and I love to find out what people have bought and what their favourite things are to wear!


Disney Primark Guide Autumn/Winter 2016

Lately I’ve been loving the amount of Disney clothing, pyjamas, shoes AND homeware Primark have been coming out with! There’s been that much I’ve found it hard to keep track of exactly what there is, so I’ve put together a guide of everything Disney I could find on Primark’s website (very sad you can’t order them online though!)

I’m pretty sure there are other items that you can find in store which aren’t listed on the website. I’ve found a lot of cute Mickey jewelry and cosmetic/shoulder bags, but it seems to vary depending on which store you go to.


  1. Disney Princess Boxed Pyjama Set – £13
    The first thing I found when looking on the Primark website was this cute boxed pyjama set. I think this could make a really lovely gift for Christmas (or just as a treat for yourself), and at £13 for a set of socks and matching pyjamas, I think it’s great value for money!

2. Minnie Mouse Slippers – £8
These are without a doubt the cutest slippers I’ve ever seen and I’m definitely getting a pair for myself next time I take a trip into town! Again, I think these are perfect for winter and could make a really cute Christmas gift for someone!

3. Minnie Mouse Sequin Vest – £4.50

4. Navy Glitter Minnie Mouse Pumps – £8
I’m yet to find these in store, but I cannot wait to purchase a pair for our trip to Disneyland Paris in March! They look so comfortable and will give a perfect subtle hint of Disney to any outfit. Plus at £8, you can’t really go wrong!

5. Bambi Pyjama Jumper – £10
As much as I’m loving the boxed pyjama sets Primark are coming out with, I think these Bambi pyjamas look amazing! They have matching leggings which are available too (I’m not sure on price, sorry!) but they look so warm and perfect for the winter.

6. Minnie Mouse Slipper Socks – £2.50


7. Alice in Wonderland Bodysuit – £6

8. Knitted Mickey Mouse Slipper Socks – £4
I love these so much! Not just because Mickey is my favourite Disney character, but they’re so comfy and cute!

9. Minnie Mouse Robe – £16
The best robe/dressing gown I have ever seen! I’m definitely on the hunt for this too. I love her little bow detail on the hood, plus it looks so warm and I think it’s great quality and value for money at £16.

10. Alice in Wonderland ‘Lost in Wonderland’ Pyjama Top – £5

11. Minnie Mouse Slipper Socks – £4

12. Minnie Mouse Onesie – £10


13. Mickey Mouse Baseball Top – £8

14. Tinkerbell Slippers – £5
I’ve hardly seen any Tinkerbell things in Primark, so I’m definitely on the hunt for these!

15. Frozen Olaf Pyjama Set – £11
Again, I haven’t seen many Frozen items in Primark, so I think these are a must for any Frozen & Olaf lovers!

16. Mickey Sequin Top – £8


17. Longsleeve Alice in Wonderland T-shirt – £7

18. Minnie Mouse Tupperware Set – £3
I think the design of this set is so cute and is a perfect way to add Disney to cheer you up during a dull day at school/uni/work! Two containers for £3 is great value too!

19. Floral Minnie Mouse Pyjama Set – £11

20. Minnie Sequin Top – £8
I’ve seen videos of this online where you can have two different Minnie designs by brushing the sequins either up or down! One way makes a silver Minnie silhouette and the other shows her face. With the two different variations I think it could look like two different t-shirts, so I’m on the hunt for this to take it to Disneyland with me too.

21. Cinderella Hanging Ornament – £2
I’ve seen loads of variations of these, I think they do a Maleficent one in store but I couldn’t find it online. I think little ornaments like these are a great way to subtly incorporate Disney into any room!


22. Minnie Mouse Union Jack Travel Cup – £3.50

23. Finding Dory Tumbler – £1

24. Minnie Mouse Tumbler – £1
I’ve seen other variations of this design on different types of cups in Primark. I think they range from this £1 one, to a £3 waterbottle.

25. Minnie Mouse Union Jack Tea Towels – £4
I’ve seen a lot of people raving about these tea towels and rightly so, I think they’re adorable and love the little pom pom detail!

As I said earlier, I’ve seen more items in store than what is shown online so I’d definitley suggest hunting them out when you’re next in Primark. I love all of the Disney products they have at the minute and I hope/can’t wait until they get more!